Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New BMW M5 Breaks Cover At Pebble Beach

The BMW M5 we drove a year ago, and spotted again last month in Barstow, California, officially broke cover on the Monterey Peninsula this past week. First BMW brought the car out to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for a few quick laps, some video, and photo shoots, with some of it's early siblings in attendance at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Then, still pretending the car is way off (rather than in production as it really is) they took the covers off and had it parked on "The Concept Lawn" in front of The Lodge at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The new car is de-tuned to only 560 HP, and has gobs of grunt where the last model had "Not so much".

Image credit, Dicken Wear

Image credit, Dicken Wear

Image credit, Dicken Wear

Image credit, Dicken Wear

When our friends Will Turner, Jim Conforti, and Steve Dinan do their magic on this beast, hold on girls and boys as this will again be, as it already is, the "Worlds Fastest Production Sedan".

My question again (as it was with the last model), "Why do we even need this car, and why does BMW build these cars for any wanker with a check book, that have no idea what it is, or how to drive even a regular 535i anywhere near it's limit?"

And the limit on this car, equals that of the "Space Shuttle", almost none.

At least, with Ferrari, to get their baddest of the bad top model, they make sure you have owned others, and hope you know what you're getting into. BMW on the other hand, has no such cares or concerns.

Dealers will find a way to sell these first cars for $25K to $35K over sticker to the first few dimwits that must have the newest and fastest for the first 6 months. Then the cars will be sold to what I hope is a more qualified driver, perhaps a member of BMWCCA, that has at least gone to a Driver's School or two.

If you want to drive past almost every Hi-End production car on a whim, or if you want to scare the daylights out of three of your best friends all at once ... this is the ticket. I'd like to see, however, BMW set up a program where to get one of these Monster, Rocket Street Cars, you must complete some sort of Hi Performance Driving School, and get a letter signed off that says you know what to do with a Gun of this size and caliber.

For example, when I teach shooting at the gun range I start every body off with 22s. You get to work your way up to .38, .357, and .44 caliber heat when I feel you are ready and have some control.

I'd really like to see OE's do the same thing with their "Rocket Cars". I'd hate to see another 5 idiot teenagers die driving their 5 series BMW into a tree, 20 feet off the ground at well over twice the legal speed limit posted in most states.

While this car will come from the dealer with a speed limit of only 155 MPH, make no mistake folks, this is a 200 + MPH car with minor tuning of the ECU. Like any smart gun owner, keep this Road Cannon locked up and away from the kids. Keep the trigger guard on, take safety classes, and don't ever point it at anyone in anger.

Dicken Wear, Editor-in-Chief, BMW M Car owner for over 25 years.

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