Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Panoz Abruzzi - First Impressions

Panoz Abruzzi, front view - Image Credit: Panoz Auto & AutoWeek

Panoz Abruzzi - First Impressions

Well I guess Danny Panoz can be thankful his father is reported to be the Owner of Panoz Auto Development (which was Danny's to keep him out of Dad's hair). Because Danny can’t possibly want to take credit for the most hideous vehicle to ever roll on four wheels bearing his family name.

The Panoz Abruzzi is unvieled - Image Credit: AutoWeek

According to the Company website (and this reporter’s personal knowledge), Panoz Auto Development was founded by Dan Panoz in or around 1989. In 1991 there was only one running mock up of the Panoz Roadster, (and it wouldn’t turn well, stop, and when you tried to accelerate quickly from a dead stop, the car would hop like a 63 Chevy with Hydraulics at a low rider show) but it wasn’t this ugly.

Panoz Swiss Roadster - Image Credit: Panoz Auto & AutoWeek

This new Panoz looks even worse than Al DiMora's “Natalia” (which will never be more than a CAD drawing). Can silly expensive cars get any uglier? The answer is clearly yes with the unveiling today of this new Panoz.

Panoz Abruzzi, rear view - Image Credit: Panoz Auto & AutoWeek

Autoweek reports that 81 of these new Panoz cars will be built, and they will sell for $480,000.

Looking over the various comments or blogs on various sites such as AutoWeek’s and others, that’s 79 to many. The common consensus is, “Batman’s new car is ready”, or “we now have a nominee for Ugliest Car of the decade”. Don needs to stick to Making Drugs, or building resort hotels. And Dan needs to just try something else for a while. The Devon and the Callaway are real cars that people won’t mind being seen in. One can only hope Gerry Wiegert and Steve Saleen are in a bar in SoCal having a drink and a great laugh together.

Panoz Esperante ... a better effort - Image Credit: Panoz Auto & AutoWeek

When you buy a Pontiac Aztek your friends know you have bad taste, but if you spend almost a half million dollars on something this ugly, you should be locked up in a rubber room.

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